COURRiER Japon Special Talks

COURRiER Japon Special Talks "Audrey Tang x Moriaki Kida"

This was a link project with COURRiER Japon. hy(x) was in charge of the planning and implementation of the web discussion between Moriaki Kida, COO of EY Japan and Taiwan's Minister of IT, Audrey Tang.

  • Interviewer: Oliver Fable
  • Movie Producer: Oliver Fable
  • Producer: Hajime Yamanaka (hy)


※ The project request period for 2020 has closed. We are now accepting project requests planned to start from January 2021.

Contracting Process


Upon choosing projects and business partners we ask ourselves:

  • - Will this help combat discrimination and prejudice?
  • - Will this help improve social well-being?
  • - Will it help protect the environment?

The above factors are an important criteria for the projects that we prepare.

In relation to LGBT marketing, we only accept requests from companies which apply to one or more of the following:

  • - A history of donations to LGBT community efforts
  • - Experience volunteering for LGBT community efforts
  • - Companies which have an LGBT anti-discrimination policy
  • - Companies which provide the same benefits for both heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Regardless of company performance, 3% of all annual profit will be donated to NPOs/NGOs that are dedicated to solving social issues.