konokodokonoko by otokonokoto

konokodokonoko by otokonokoto

In each of the pictures there is one person that is different from the others.

In Japanese we use the word “find-the-mistake” (machigae-sagashi) to describe these types of photo-hunts, but what I want to express through my work is not a “mistake”, but rather that differences and individuality are something to be valued.

Can you spot the differences?

Answer :  Only one person’s hula hoop and bikini colors are inverted.We all simultaneously belong to a minority and a majority. Answer : Only one person’s cotton candy is purple.Different preferences, different perspectives. Answer : Only one person is biting a gold medal, not a cookie. The world around me may continue to turn, but I will always be me. Answer : Only one person’s bubble is popped.Even if things don’t go my way, I’ll get through it. Answer : Only one person’s bulge is facing downwards.Even if everyone follows a different path from me, no worries. I’ll follow my own path! Answer : Only one person is eating chocolate flavored ice cream. Sometimes... I just wanna try new things. Answer : Only one person’s box says “BOY”.Sometimes, even adults want to play with toys. Answer : Only one person has a vertical pattern on their swimsuit.Ahhh... imagine a world without borders. Answer : Someone's fart bubbles spell out “OTOKO”.Could you fart in front of your crush? Answer : Only one person has a hole in their socks.No one’s perfect anyway. Just be yourself!
konokodokonoko by otokonokoto


Otokonokoto is a popular LINE sticker artist whose work is known for overflowing with both humor and slight comical absurdity.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of COVID-19, LGBT Pride Parades around the world have been canceled or postponed.
Despite this, June is a month full of hope as many places around the world prepare for Pride Month.

Coinciding with Pride Month, the konokodokonoko exhibition plans to open this June.
The exhibition has prepared 10 different “spot-the-difference” photo hunts in an effort to show that “differences” bring us joy.

Through this solo exhibition, we hope to spread a message to society of the invaluable nature of LGBT Pride’s spirit and diversity.


Back in 2007, a friend of mine gave me a really nice notebook and I started drawing and cartooning in it.
My friends would praise my work, often calling it interesting. I remember that the compliments about my art filled me with happiness, as if they were directly complimenting who I was as a person.

In 2012, I had started posting my work on social media. Through social media, I was able to connect with people from around the globe who had taken an interest in my art. I felt the world was beginning opening up right before my eyes.

I’m the kind of person that wants to entertain people and always get a chuckle out of them. I feel that my personality really reflects in my art, and in a way, my art may indeed very well be a part of me.

I want to continue to make art that all people can enjoy.

I would like to thank Mr. Hajime Yamanaka and all those involved for giving me this opportunity.

And thank you to all those who have taken the time to check out my work!

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